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Actuator automatic assembling machine

1. The robot automatically pick up the locked box ; feeding up hexagonal nut,plastic snap joint with the bowl feeders.

2. Manual loading up the long bar,slide bar, automatically lock the screws;automatic inspection all functions .

3. Mark sticker on the pass ones and locked up the security

4. All of raw material can be assembled, inspect the proper position ,switch jigs designed by the parameters , achieved to 47 similar items suitable in one machine . highly intelligent .

LC optical fiber terminal assembling machine

Plastic tube have be heated up and softened ,
can be enlarged enough to assemble the ceramic core.
The machine have the pressing test function.

LC optical

Twist pin automatic braiding machine


Braiding rotation plates adopt permanent magnet to control tension . Every plate have the tension monitor display , pros: adjust conveniently ;equipment include the CCD microscope inspection ,can inspect the result of the winding and test easily ; equipped with meter counter, precision measure the volume of winding thread . servo motor can collect and put away the thread . assembling with the working principle of the potentiometer, can be adjusted the thread speed of the input . laser can test the diameter of the thread and monitor testing in real time .in assure the diameter of thread is same as the requirements of quality products

Door window handle automatic assembly machine

Adopt in the construction door and window accessory assembling .

1. Adopt at the Airtac/SMC Original pneumatic components , precision module adopted S136 . TAIWAN HIWIN sliding trail. Mitsubishi PLC/WEINVEIW Touch screen , other components are using the German brand

2.The main parts(including the handle, bottom foundation ) stream out by jigs in lines, other parts(gear, rack,cushion , waveform cushion , spring , gear piece,cross grooving screws) fed up by bowl feeders, automatic section the directions , assembling ,gluing , oiling . and discharge automatic and etc.

3.Abnormal situations will be Sent out the alarms by induction function . incoming inspection or shortage material. Presumed setup, recording function . and history alarm recording and etc.

4. Saving labors :10 members

LC optical
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